Reply To: NARSOL’S PA advocate: We’ve created list of people considered monsters


My grandson was railroaded by the commonwealth, it was only days after he had turned 18. He was with a girl who said she was 16 (legal in PA) to find out she was not after talking to the police who acted like something had happened to her. The contact was consensual, it was the commonwealth that pressed the charges and when he took the plea agreement they went after him with false information that was added. The SOAB ( Sex Offender Assessment Board) never talked to the girl to get the correct information. So when they started to talk to my grandson he did not know what they were talking about. I tried to contact them, but they said that here is nothing I can do to change this. So instead of my grandson getting a Tier 1 the commonwealth made him a Tier 3 and Violent. When this first started he was taken to see the DM. None of his family was able to attended this hearing. He was now 18 so he was an adult, so we did not need to be notified. Instead they had his Senior Criminal Justice class attend while they read all the horrible charges. He was not able to go back High School and was told he was no longer able to work and was put on house arrest for a year before he was sentenced which did not count towards his sentencing. He is the most wonderful person even now after all of this. I would love for him to be able to see his brothers. His brother wrote a note to Santa. Please let my brother ( his name) be at our Christmas party at December 25, Sincerely(his name)