Reply To: Part II: Andy’s story


Hey Sandy your gonna love this… I’m even said ” You go girl” with that picture of this lady at kent state careing a rifle for her collage graduatrion photo at kent state. Now if that doesn’t make a statement or catch one’s eye than we all need to stand up and really open up to these terrible laws that some are going on thu here. Making a statement for gun control and even the sex offender law and trying to get some reasoning back into society. Remember guns dont’ kill people its the people that do the physical killing. Even the war in vietnam can tell you that. So who’s killing in america with a lot of thesesex offender situations. Give ya a little guess….. would it be government or the witch burners? and I love the part about the second admendant right.
Andy you still have your rights and a lot of others on here do also we all just need to let Narsol and other organizations do their thing, but they need inspiration by all of us to help fight this ordeal we are all in.