Reply To: NARSOL’S PA advocate: We’ve created list of people considered monsters

Dr. Michael Christianson

It is an unfortunate thing to portray these illegal, but in no way violent, actions in such a way that victims-survivor advocates and their organizations can continue to unjustly profit and capitalize off of the irrational fear and unwarranted disgust that the criminal labels engender. I want to encourage each registered citizen to remain calm and resist the label of “untouchable.” We are not the first to be tried in the fire of our Nation’s historical rise to discrimination, and we will certainly not be the last. From Women’s suffrage to the concentration camps (both in America and in Europe) to the African Americans to the working-class poor – and to us. This is our time, brothers and sisters. It is our season. Like so many brave souls who have suffered before us, and who have died, but left for us an untarnished example of courageous defiance and civil disobedience, we are being called to action by a force greater than us. We do NOT have to accept kindly the heavy sacks of vindictive injustices being heaped upon our heads. It is enough. We no longer have to tolerate the civil and criminal name calling. Do I have to remind you that we are Americans first? Do we as Americans not have as much of a right to pursue our life, liberty and happiness as the covertly corrupt politicians stealing the bread from our tables? Are we so dehumanized that we have become a defeated, cowardly bunch of dogs? I am not a dog. And neither are you. I want to encourage every registered citizen to unite in might against the political and pseudoscientific professionals that are determined to have you die without a shred of dignity and nothing to your name. We cannot afford to be idle. We have to get busy disrupting the process of discrimination by all legal means at our disposal. That is the only way to decapitate this beast. Nothing like this dies of its own accord. Hasn’t life and social action taught us this – to win back our human rights, I, you, we must civilly resist, confront, and conquer our adversaries.