Reply To: NARSOL’S PA advocate: We’ve created list of people considered monsters



It should be noted that Ms. Robertson is a psychologist, not just someone shooting from the hip. She has read the empirical studies regarding sex offender registries and the stigma it attaches to persons on the registry … many of who only downloaded something from a computer and have never had a contact sexual crime with anyone.

If the American public could be motivated by independent media sources who aren’t forced to adhere to the political agenda of their corporate media owner, the facts would be well known that looking at something has never been proven to mean that it leads to sexual attacks. One size NEVER fits all. Just because one person may look at a catalog and then go on to sexually hurt another person, does that mean everyone will? Do we then ban the catalog? Who said looking at something makes someone act out their desires? Ted Bundy? Well of course he did! He played an evangelical minister for all it was worth before he was put to death in Florida. He was trying to delay his death penalty. That minister had an agenda that pornography makes normal people do bad things. He had no proof or studies to back it up other than Ted Bundy said it made him do the terrible things he did. Yeah, we should take Ted Bundy’s word for it.

The public has been sorely mislead by politicians who have become wealthy by being elected to higher offices because of the false idea that a public registry protects children and a so-called “independent” media not doing its job to provide real facts so people can learn from facts not hyperbole. If the media would do its job, providing accurate information to the public about who are the overwhelming majority of persons on these public sex offender registries– over 90% are not violent offenders–and show what it does to the jobless and homeless population and the families of those on the registry, then I believe public opinion will change regarding the registries. They will then see that they have been lied to regarding the sense of security the sex offender registries are falsely giving them. Since over 92% of children know their attacker and less than 5% are strangers or someone on the registry, this would enable the public to see the heavy cost on everyone that sex offender registries cause. They are not protecting their children.

We need more people like Ms. Robertson and a neutral media that is not afraid to report the truth about the damage, cost, and false security sex offender registries are doing to all Americans.