Reply To: Radio interview with Brenda and Larry


This broadcast interview of brenda’s and Larry’s was very informative. While I know we can all talk about civil laws but their is not two much talk about christian laws or principals. EvenI made a statement when they took pray out of schools out that was the downfall of a lot of things. Sure human laws are good but principals are good also.
Sure we had the drug culture and sex culture, and yes the physical side of it as well. We all know how old that is but could we be offenders in a lot of ways. Now dont’ get me wrong Brenda and Larry and NARSOL and the other orgazinations are doing a great job at helping those that are caught up in this sex registry ordeal or stigma and the main goal to any type of organization is to help others, whether legal help, adictrive help such as alcoholic annomyous or others such as that but when you blind one’s mind with human justice as appose to Godly Justice something has to brake. Even Lincoln freed the slaves and yes we have had pray in school up until the late 60’s
This sex offender ordeal has so many various situations such as the actual physical aspect to those that are wrapped or caught up in these situations via the internet. Than one has the intent aspect, or one has to look at the physical aspect. Its almost like the trying the spirits aspect as well. If your notice even civil law and our constitution is even being violated by some of this ordeal. Now when someone try’s to bend the mind thats like a mind altering drug by itself.
Actually some of these people don’t even need to be on the registry or to be branded or scared for life because of a lot of these internet ordeals, Physical ordeals cab be entirely different. Sure isn’t rehability the key to anything. Ask yourself this who is hurting who in some of this. If we were all perfect I sort of doubt that we would need biblical law. I wonder were the Ten Commandments are now. Are they still in some junk pile or should they be extablished in each courtroom and on the constitution as well.