Reply To: Supreme Court: Definition of “crime of violence” unconstitutionally vague


My sister was robbed at a bank when she was a drive- in bank teller back back about thirty years ago. That was sort of scary to her. The policy was give them the money. One can see the difference in a physical ordeal as compaired to say internet situations as compaired to actual physical encounters. Sure proteting one’s self is good in physical situations but internet sexual vagueness is a whole different story.

Sure we all learn lessons’ but when man goes against man. in this made up fictitous situation to protect fictitious people by use of your computer chat, and use it as fact… than where is the proof. Facts and proofs are two different area’s and most all these sex deals come out with the plea deal to try to prove one is Violent and Non-Violent. All of this depends on each and everyone’s situation in these sexual ordeals. I wonder if a juicy sexual story is vague in these incounters when there was no victim. I dont’ see how the two seneiro’s mix myself so it is a bit vague to me and unconstitutional would you all agree.