Reply To: International Travel


Just wrapped up a trip and giving my info. I flew into amsterdam for a short layover. They did a passport check, but I don’t think anything electronic happened. Just asked where I was going and what I was doing. After that i was in the Schengen zone. Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and Monaco with not a single problem or passport check. Uk was the last stop and the one I was sweating about. I was going there on a cruise and they did the passport check on the ship a few days before. It was quick and no electronic check. Just “where ya goin, and how long?” On the trip back got held up in customs. Pulled aside and waited an hour. Just asked if I am registered and if I informed my officer. Presto it was done. I am going to travel a bit more now. Don’t let fear hold you back, just go for it.