Reply To: Part II: Andy’s story


Sandy now that I have given this Article of Andy’s good thought. Him and his wife with good intent wanting to sponser this child, I really have to commend you for this article. While I know it was pretty hard to make this decision to post this article you did a good thing. Yes it is an eye opener. While this thing in flordia with the homeless that are on the registry presses on here comes a letter or e-mail from Andy about this compassionate organization onto your desk. With a name like compassionate it more or less doesn’t make since or what is scandlous today physical or mental abuse or the Erase the hate factor. Which is better abortion or lying?

Sure Andy and his wife are right to stand up to all this or should we all use the phrase ” Don’t bite the hands that feed you, Whether its support or whatever its the good intentions of others that want to sponser others.You know in the bible it says that the law is good if used correctly. Should people take the approach of justified deception today or should we take the approach of going to court in front of the unjust? This homeless thing in florida is a bit ridiclious with these ordiances. I wonder where love thy neighbor comes in play in all this?

The truth can either make you free or set you free but human nature has always wanted to be a bit above. What does that pledge say.. I’m tryig to remember.. oh yes, One lation under God with liberty and justice for all… I dont’ think it said anything about injustice. When they took pray out of school thatr did a lot of damage.