Reply To: Come to Florida on vacation and leave a registered sex offender


“My situation is the same thing only different”

After 18 years I am finally no longer required to register in the state of North Carolina. My petition for removal was granted two weeks ago. I am no longer under any residency or premise restrictions. I am effectively a free man. I am just waiting for my name to drop off the DPS website.


I will ALWAYS be a registered sex offender. Why? My home state and state of conviction South Carolina has a lifetime registry. Unless the law is changed I will always be registered on the SC SOR. I left SC in 2006 and I initially moved through another state before I settled in North Carolina 10 years ago. I reported to the SC SOR and informed them I was moving out of state and where I was moving to. I then left that state and moved to NC. I had no obligation to inform SC that I subsequently moved to NC. So the information on the SC SOR is inaccurate. I have no legal obligation to notify them of my current address. They do however have access to the national registry. They were also notified of my petition for removal from the NC SOR, which is required by NC law. They most certainly have my current address in NC now if they wanted to update their registry.

So here I am. Finally out from under the burden of the registry in NC. A judge has declared that I am no longer a danger and do not have to register. There is actually a box the judge has to check and then sign certifying I am not a danger before I can be removed.

BUT, a state I have not lived in for 12 years still thinks I am a threat to the good citizens of SC? To what end? So the good and decent citizens of SC if they should ever travel to my neighborhood 200+ miles away can be on the lookout for a crazed, deranged, and dangerous sex offender.

How does having me on their list living 200+ miles away keep their local communities safe? By the way the address they list me at is over 400 miles away from SC.

I know this rant makes me look ungrateful and there are those that would love to be in my position. All I’m trying to say is it will never be over for me. Should I choose to have a Facebook account I would be denied. Should I apply for a passport I will still have the unique ID. If I want to travel internationally I will still have to give 21 days notice.

All because a state where I no longer live will always consider me a danger. Proof positive it’s continuing punishment and nothing at all to do with public safety.