Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in Ninth Circuit case


James Coghill

WC_TN is on target. In order to prevail on the ex-post facto issue you have to get a ruling from the US Supreme Court. Good luck getting there because the lower courts are experts at adjusting their rulings to prevent people from being heard in the highest court of the land. They did in my case. The 9th Circuit ruled that I filed my habeas corpus untimely, completely disregarding the fact that prior to filing I was granted 30 days to file by 3 other judges in my motion to reconsider and I still had 17 days left to file when my habeas corpus was filed. Numerous registered letters, motions and a letter to Justice Kozinski asking for information were totally ignored. Not only is Justice blind she’s deaf too. God I want out of this chicken **** country!