Reply To: Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested



T.D.A.L. I have a different view of why the sex offender laws in Flori-duhhhhh are the way they are. Of course there are Ron and Lauren Book who should have been excluded from the conversation long ago because they’re all about revenge for what happened to Lauren as a child. I don’t care any more. Victims of any crime should have no voice in legislation. They are out for their pound of flesh. They are out for blood. They are NOT the least bit inclined to be objective, rational, or fair. There is one exception (I think).

What is Flori-duhhhhh’s big money maker on the whole? Tourism. Snobbish rich snow bunnies from up north winter in Flori-duhhhhh. People travel to Flori-duhhhhh for vaction at their numerous beaches. Those who make their fortunes off of tourism don’t want “those people” anywhere around. They don’t want their little tourist’s paradise to be “sullied” by “those people” on the registry. They’re scared to death that registered citizens in their midst would diminish their revenue from tourism, so they drive them as far away to the very outskirts of civilization as they possibly can.

In some Flori-duhhhhh cities, it is actually a crime to feed the homeless in public.

I guess I could make a baseless accusation here (after all, turnabout is fair play) and say they outlaw feeding the homeless because they intend for homeless registrants to starve to death on the streets.