Reply To: Part II: Andy’s story


I’m a bit jaded and cynical, but I will bet I know exactly why this happened. You see, for 10 years, I volunteered at my local Humane Society, putting in hundreds of hours of effort. Then the shelter came out with a policy that no one convicted of a sexual offense could be a volunteer. I know exactly where that policy came from: it came from their insurers. In the event something were to happen and the organization gets sued, the insurers and risk management can claim that they did everything possible to prevent it. (“What more could we do, your Honor?”) Yes, this starts at the insurance companies – that’s my bet. Funny, isn’t it – a business that is all about numbers, statistics, and probabilities has no interest in well-documented low recidivism rates. (Assault, domestic violence, weapons charges, etc. – all those are no problem. All is forgiven, thank ya, Jesus! But just don’t land on “the sacred Registry of people God loves us to hate”. Yes, I sincerely wish a son, brother, father, husband of each of them will land on the Registry …… then let’s hear what they have to say!)