Reply To: Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested

Dr. Michael A Christianson

St. Sebastian is the working name. We are attempting to acquire the area in La Porte, Indiana. In Indiana it’s fairly simple to incorporate a city (originally within a city). But it’s difficult to get registered citizens motivated to take action. Or website is We have to have 50 + 1 votes to incorporate a small area in La Porte. The reason I chose Indiana is because this state has Township Trustees and they are required by law to assist the homeless and poor in their townships. Our Township is Center Township. I know the Trustee personally, Lisa.

If we can incorporate (provided we get enough people to vote) we can control the local government, starting from scratch. We can then control the city courts, police stations, and pass our own local laws that are just and treat registered citizens with respect. With enough like-minded city residents, there is no end to the positive possibilities.

We have looked at some smaller cities in Indiana. Some are rather tiny – under a 1000. This is plan B. But we could move enough pioneering registered citizens into the city, using the Township offices for food, clothing, and shelter. Then it would be a matter of registering everyone to vote, and voting en masse for the ones we select.