Reply To: Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested



“Surely you don’t mean we should behave immaturely and call people names? Give me an example of what NARSOL should be saying that will meet your approval and explain why you think that will resonate with the public and our lawmakers in a positive way”

No, I do not mean that NARSOL has to call people names (leave that to me when I rant ☺️).
What I mean is, and this will REALLY make you have to go out on a limb, is to stop the PC approach of saying that you “understand the trauma to the victims” when you and I both know that a teenager who lies about their age is NOT a victim. You also know that the legal age varies by state. So in Connecticut I can have a 16 y.o. girlfriend and no one can do anything about it.
Now cross over the state line into New York and suddenly the 16 y.o. who can operate a motor vehicle in all 50 states and consent to a relationship with anyone more than 2 yrs older than her in Connecticut suddenly becomes a “victim” of a sex crime for being with the older person.

There was a story here in CT as a matter of fact, it was one of those John Stossel “Give Me A Break” episodes where a 15 and 17 yr old were in a relationship and it got sexual. But the 17 yr old boy turned 18 BEFORE the 15 yr old girl turned 16 and once he reached his 18th birthday, the father of the girl pressed charges against him and the prosecutor didn’t care that the relationship existed while they were both under 18, he prosecuted anyway.

With stories like these in the hundreds of thousands, we have to STOP referring to the younger person as a “victim”. But no. You won’t dare tell it like it is because the truth does two things;

1. Hurts people’s feelings because they want things sugarcoated to meet their narrative.
2. Won’t earn you any brownie points for saying a girl in that type of situation is NOT a victim but rather her daddy is vindictive.

Listen Fred, this is how hypocritical people are….

On a YouTube video documentary about Elvis Presley, I left a comment asking why people honor a man who we all know was 24 when he took a liking to 14 yr old Priscilla.
If you could see the backlash of responses I got from that, your jaw would hit the floor!
We always talk among each other and a few people have said to me that I am “minimizing” MY offense with an under age teen, but so are the Elvis fans.
They were stuck on how Elvis didn’t do anything sexual with her for years to come. Ok. So then let me DATE your 14 yr old daughter WITHOUT having sex with her and tell me how fast you’d call the cops when you find out that she’s TALKING to an older man.
These people didn’t let up. They just kept on defending Elvis. Why? Because Elvis, unlike all of us, didn’t have charges filed against him and has no criminal record of being with an underage girl. THAT’S why.

People come down on Roman Polanski because he used drugs and alcohol to get the 13 yr old in a state of mind where he could take sexual advantage of her. Guess what kids…. KIDS I say…. in my high school were doing when we’d get ahold of our parents alcohol and have the houses to ourselves for a few hours to have a house party….guess…. We were TRYING to get the girls drunk! I can’t tell you how many times throughout high school I met or dated girls who spoke with great pleasure when they said: “I lost my virginity at a party. I was drunk. But I don’t care about him anymore, I like you now.”

When I reflect back on those times, I cannot wrap my mind around people today saying that “victims” will be sobbing in a corner of their bedrooms forever.