Reply To: Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested


I did not say NARSOL does things across the country, although we do. I said there have been protests and marches going on across the country for various reasons for the last year and half where millions of people participated, and I asked you what have they accomplished?

“Stop being PC” is kind of vague. That doesn’t tell me what you want NARSOL to do differently. Surely you don’t mean we should behave immaturely and call people names? Give me an example of what NARSOL should be saying that will meet your approval and explain why you think that will resonate with the public and our lawmakers in a positive way.

If you think all NARSOL is is a website with blog posts, you should look a little harder. I think we make it pretty obvious that maintaining the website is only a small part of our operations. Will you be attending our conference in Ohio so you can learn everything NARSOL is doing for you and how to get involved and actually do something yourself that will have potential to make a difference for registrants everywhere?