Reply To: Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested



You say NARSOL has done things across the country, well, I haven’t seen anything about it.
If someone or organization were to be out there protesting on behalf of people with sex offense convictions, I’m sure the news media would be all over it, even if to mock it. Aside from the stories posted on this site, I don’t see much else going on. Sorry. I just don’t.

And what do I propose NARSOL do? Well, I’m not sure since I am not part of an advocacy organization, but one thing you COULD do is take into consideration some of the ideas I’ve put forth (stop being PC) and utilize them in a more professional manner in your arguments against the registry and what it does to lots of people.
I am not a “professiona” speaker. I will come right out and tell it like it is and use color metaphors in the process thereof.