Reply To: Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested


One thing we need to do on the subject of sex offenses that are consensual even if by a state law – illegal, and the subject of child porn is to start being ballsy enough to say “Stop creating victims when your very own sons and daughters have LIED about their ages and NOT ALL child porn has to do with little toddlers.”
Traci Lords, popular porn actress, was 15 years old and produced a FAKE ID to the porn production company and they hired her. Guess who faced criminal charges! Certainly not little miss innocent who falsified her information.

How many of these registered people that have a “child porn” conviction we’re looking at POST PUBESCENT, old enough to operate an automobile teenagers? How many of them may have snapped a pic or video while having sex with said teenager (when me and my girlfriend were both 17, even WE were adventurous and recorded ourselves screwing with a VHS camera), and that was long before any hysteria about sex offenses started brainwashing our country.

If THIS story doesn’t make you finally say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” then nothing will.
One day, all those little sweet teenie boppers who have been criminally convicted for sending nudes of themselves to their boyfriends/girlfriends will be sleeping in one of these types of tent camps when they can’t find places to live in their adult lives. And what will their sex offense registry say? It will say; “POSSESSION AND DISTRIBUTION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY” with their CURRENT AGE and THAT will be all people need to see to start making their ASSumptions.