Reply To: Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested

Kathy saine

UNBELIEVABLE ! Society needs to be educated ! Not all offenders are monsters or career so’s. Everyday people on all levels if life. Someone somewhere with the capabilities needs to step up and pronounce that child porn and child molestation is NOT NORMAL ! Its a sickness. They think Punishment is the answer. Intense Psychological Therapy woukd be more of a deterrant than anything else. Most SO’S are successful human beings in all aspects of life except for getting into this type of thing for whatever reason got them to that point. THEY NEED HELP ! I repeat, THEY NEED HELP !!!! Will someone who can, PLEASE try to change the way society thinks and get help for these people who so desparately need it. They all get out of prison eventually! Wouldn’t it make sense that when they come out that they had had intense therapy opposed to just sitting locked up for so long without any help? And don’t believe anyone that says they do get help ! They do NOT get the help they need.