Reply To: Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested

misdemeanor offender

I have never understood the logic of living restrictions near a school. Someone placed on the registry cant sleep at a home when schools are not in session? Last time I checked, no children were living on school property.

The judge in this case just allowed police an open permit to stop and detain anyone until they are found not to be on the registry. Dade County had a chance to challenge the law exposing a portion of it to be unreasonably accommodative to the public interest because it doesn’t provide a feasible solution. Unless this is judicial prejudice at its finest where a judge sides with law enforcement for reelection votes and a scheme to increase court sponsored recidivist numbers? I suspect that law enforcement and prosecutors are working behind the scenes to undertake a plan to increase civil commitment actions in the “interest of public safety” due to rising vigilantism and difficulty securing housing. It smells of Nazism all over it.