Reply To: Part II: Andy’s story


This whole ordeal is a bit upsetting to all I’m sure but matters like this should be left alone. Sure support is good but , sure helping others is good but I don’t believe this was the place to really post this article. People have a dim look at all this type of business and they don’t know each person’s situation so we have to move on. Don’t get me wrong NARSOL and others are doing a pretty good job at trying to help those caught up with this sex ordeal and provide Rational solutions but who can provide a rational solution to each individual .

When media get a hold of anything juicy it seems to spread like wildfire. Most of it is scandlious. And this story about Andy and his wife’s good intentions seem to be in approiate presented in this type of context. I myself don’t even like any of this type of article but since NARSOL brought it to one’s attention its a poor excuse when others put value on who’s supportting who. Support is support but some want to downgrade others that are trying to help its sort of like the calm before the storm. People knowing other peoples bisiness is no good but today its new’s worthy it seems.

Please retract my other comment I wanted to make as this whole matter is disturbing but we all press on.