Reply To: Part II: Andy’s story

patricia w.

Unfortunately a lot of those so-call “Christians” ….the evangelists helped put this greedy lying phony in the white house and the swamp people are having a field day. The Dems are far from perfect but what we have now is something that decent Repubs recognize for what he is…a swindler, a huckster, a take-your democracy and run kind of guy. Besides the ACLU, it’s the Dems who make up the Innocence Project which has trouble getting enough funds. Differences matter. The government we have now could care less about the law and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t been paying attention. Hopefully, we’ll survive this but I’m not counting on anything getting better for my sons, the innocent man I write to in an Oklahoma prison or MOST of those on the registry who never harmed an innocent child until these con artists lose control of our country, i.e. if enough citizens are awake to kick them out.
There are decent Republicans like John McCain. Unfortunately, they are few and far between right now. The Swampman in chief has done much damage to both parties but mostly to the country and our legal system. Believe me, he doesn’t want to help make the sex offender laws more fair. He only wants to use them, like anything else that works, to bait his gullible followers.
Neither political side is innocent but sometimes you have to know which side you’re on and it should be the team that cares about fairness and the law.