Reply To: Part II: Andy’s story


patricia w.

Dear Concerned, etc.
This is only one reason why I am no longer religious. The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven. Your point about “not all offenders” have harmed a “child” is, in my opinion a huge part of the problem. Narsol decided early on not to make distinctions in its attempt to change the laws and I have two sons on the registry for years now. One did nothing. He was falsely accused. The girl finally told the truth but it didn’t matter. When she lied, all listened. When she finally told the truth in a very strong deposition to my son’s lawyer, the states attorney could care less. My son is mentally ill. This ruined his life, as far as I’m concerned. My other son had consensual sex w/ a prostitute who lied to him (and the cops) about her age. She was weeks from being legal (16). He’s on the list forever. It’s truly truly beyond belief. And Naral doesn’t take sides either politically. But let’s see if Trump cares about this issue…Anyone who thinks the Repubs are better than the Dems about this doesn’t know their history. The ACLU is not filled with Repugnicans. The whole thing just disgusts me all the time.