Reply To: Part II: Andy’s story


See, our money isn’t even good enough for charities. It’s dirty, nasty sex offender money.
This is why I say that we should petition the state governments to make us tax exempt for the duration that we are required to register, be it 10 yrs or life.

Most of you here already know that I am no longer a Christian or religious believer. And far too many times I’ve seen this very same hypocrisy come from fellow Christians when I was a believer.

Sandy, I hope you have sent these questions in an actual letter to this organization. Don’t let this one slip by. Throw some bible verses at them as they did to AndyO.
Also, I’d ask them how long they’ve been in business and if prior to the inception of the SOR, were they doing background checks on donors or were they just happy to have people sending money to those in need?
As if people with sexual offenses didn’t exist prior to Megan’s Law.

I feel think a lawsuit should be filed against them and it can be put into argument that:
1. The registrant is thousands of miles away.
2. He’s simply sending money to feed someone in poverty.
3. What are these Christian organizations attempting to teach future generations about the forgiveness of God?