Reply To: Part II: Andy’s story


These incidents trouble me. Are these folks now doing background checks on their donors?! Is it possible there is someone sending poison pen letters who knows that you donate or participate in these programs? If they have done some sort of background check without your permission, they may have made themselves both civilly and criminally liable, and this might be something to discuss with a lawyer.

Now, having said this, I understand and appreciate that, as Christians, we are supposed to be committed to charity, but I also believe in “God helps those who help themselves.” Your charitable donations would be better spent on an organization such as NARSOL, who will actually put it to good use fighting the laws which have places these yokes on your necks!

I just cannot see the wisdom or Christian value in giving money to any organization which will then just kick you to the curb, or, not let you participate in services at their place of worship, allow you in their homeless shelter, shelter you from a storm, etc., etc. These oafs have had the benefit of your donations and now take the moral high ground and boot you out. You can bet that these letters are send to their major donors to show that they are actively policing their own ranks and have a zero tolerance policy.

“illegitimati non carborundum”