Reply To: For registered sex offenders, court victories slow, but they are coming


this is a disturbing post, and someone who is clearly has issues, but, what is scary if you go back to the dark ages, crusades, etc, christianity (and other extreme religions) did these kinds of things to ‘non-believers’ and anyone against that church – documented, factual – there are even torture museums showing some of these methods (but even this one was extreme compared to that). how many so called ‘witches’ were tortured and burned alive? I am saying this because some of those roots still exist in our society, it may not be as blatant, but for hundreds/1000’s of years man has found ways to do this to others that don’t fit into their agenda, or extreme punishments – on the other side, many countries around the world think that the US is nuts (with our extreme conservative society, they are right), some countries marry very young teens too.

The victories are slow, but they are coming, may be years before the registry ends (and it WILL END) completely, but every little victory builds on to the next one – they are all important, society doesn’t pay attention, but the great attorneys and judges do. WE ALL need to stay diligent, EDUCATED, as hard as it is, take the emotion out and support RSOL, attorneys, get involved, testify, whatever you can to help the cause. We can bitch all day, but in the end, how does that help anything, money is what is needed most – which many of us don’t have, but there are ways we ALL can help end this barbaric registry