Reply To: Part I: Just another day in the life of a registered sex offender


You realize that by totally avoiding kids is just proving the politicians’ right about us.
When we tell our P.O.’s and/or S.O. group leaders that we avoid any contact with kids, we make them smile because that’s what they WANT to hear. Because before our offenses, none of us has ever been around or seen a child. The first time we did, we jumped at the opportunity to offend.

This way of thinking of yours is not combating the problem we face regarding misinformation about us.
Why should you or I be the ones looked at cross eyed for buying Girl Scout Cookies? The guy with no criminal record because he hasn’t been caught yet is most likely the one standing there fantasizing about the little girls he’s buying the cookies from.

And I will never stop buying those cookies. Tagalongs are the best!