Reply To: Passport revoked


Mr. Tim

Money and power……yes.

Prior to SCOTUS ruling on Alaska’s version of the Whetterling act the citizenry were protected, via wire tapping laws, from being survieled en masse. AT&T was powerful enough to make it law state needed warrant.The child assaulted with sexual nature were the only group the law applied to. This was the main reason why it was upheld..against ex post..The special interest. THE DATABASE V INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. This is the first time America has experimented with used of the database to effect social change. Registration is not really registration! It differs in many ways from registering for the draft.

SOR is plain indenture. Indentured servants must update the machine ( albeit indirectly). Like any machine it be property. Upon or through the use of the machine state makes claim upon characterization of level of evil to a man. A direct implication of morality on public display. It resembles the pillory and some folks use it as such.

If a state can by legal authority enslave a man to a machine then state is free to as it pleases with a database. Hence we’ve seen the used of N SA databases first built in Utah in the early 1990s. ( In those computers biometric data is contain on every US citizens, even non felons. Gov’tabuse already been called to the carpet on that misuse of a database.

If by manning up you mean opting for trial in registration cases…I’m for that!