Reply To: Part I: Just another day in the life of a registered sex offender


Helene Eschete

That is so ridiculous! America amazes me every day with their narrow minded way of thinking. If this man’s donations are no longer accepted and art work not being allowed, humans being threatened by vigilantes, then shouldn’t John Walsh him self join the ranks? He started dating his wife and being intimate with her well before she was of “Legal age of consent”. Ban his every word on sex offenders and laws that he him self should be registered. It was a tragedy that happened to their child, but not Everyone should be punished because of that horrible crime. The registry has exploded into a monstrous cancer that is consuming more and more every day. Our society, so it appears, has lost all compassion to their fellow man. When, and how can this be changed? Prayers for all on the oh so prejudice registry for a brighter future and true freedom of past mistakes and ignorant government standards.