Reply To: Part I: Just another day in the life of a registered sex offender

Jeremy from Indiana

I’m dealing with the heavy restrictions of the registry as we speak. My life was good with a home that me and my wife bought together that fit restrictions and a job that pays decently. I was seeing my kids every other weekend and I’m in my last quarter for my bachelor’s degree. That was until my wife kicked me out of our home together for reasons I am still trying to understand. I started asking around for a place to stay and my brother told me of the apartment next door to him. I checked it out on Google maps and didn’t see anything close by, so I rented it and moved in. A couple days later, I went to the local Sheriff’s office to register and they told me I was too close to a daycare and had to move in 30 days. The daycare in question showed up as a church on Google maps, but as a daycare on Bing. Indiana restriction is 1000ft and this church was just under 700ft away. Now, I have to spend time and money to move yet again. Finding a place that fits the range restrictions and the background check requirements and within my budget is next to impossible. Luckily I found one place in the entire city of Indianapolis that I’m waiting on my income approval and my background isn’t an issue. Were it not for this place, I would probably end up homeless or in jail for something I have no control over. Honestly, I would pick jail if it came to that so I could get a public defender and fight this crap. Two states have already had positive decisions, why not make Indiana one more?