Reply To: Part I: Just another day in the life of a registered sex offender


Dan B

I truly can’t understand the “Governments” way of thinking !!!!. ANYONE with just a TAD BIT of Common Sense surely knows that ANYTHING that when not Followed the rules, It causes you to be ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL AND PRISON is PUNISHMENT !!!, Meaning, When we don’t follow ALL the rules or Requierments of the “Registery”, We get ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL OR PRISON !! So the “Registery and ALL it’s Requierments” IS PUNISHMENT !!!. And to top it off, We are PUNISHED by our Fellow Human Beings !!! Because they see our names on, You guessed it,,, THE REGISTERY !!!!!. We’re denied Housing, Denied FOOD, Denied entry to the HOSPITAL to visit our family and friends !!, We’re ATTACKED BY VIGILANTES who think everyone on the “Registery” harmed a Child (Or Baby) !!. We’re treated WORSE THAN ANIMALS !!, We’re denied SAFETY from Storms and Mother Nature !!, We can’t go here, We can’t go there, We can’t stay somewhere over a certain amount of days (5 now, but 3 in 2 months), We can’t stay at hotels on Vacation or simply a trip that requires overnight travel !!. We can’t even get LOANS from many Loan Companies because of our names on?????? Yep, The “Registery” !!!!!, We’re harrassed by Law Enforcement when we get pulled over for a Blown Tail light, They ALWAYS Escalate the stop once they find out your Status !!!!, We’re FORCED out of our Homes because of Restrictions on how close we’re allowed to live to a place where a kid (Might) visit, THEN, We face being ARRESTED because we have no place to go !!!!, We’re FORCED to live in TENTS along side piles of Human WASTE, And small Rivers of Human PEE !!, THEN, We’re FORCED to move away from the ONLY place in the city where the “Restrictions” aren’t a issue !! Because the SAME people that came up with the Laws Restricting us from living in our HOMES with our FAMILIES, They inact a Law that says we can’t LIVE IN A TENT where they FORCED US TO LIVE !!!! We loose friends that we had for YEARS once they find out about us being on the Registery !!!, Mostly not because they suddenly dislike us, But it’s from the Peer pressure and grief they catch from others(especially if the “Others” have kids !!), Our houses, Businesses and Vehicles are damaged by people that see our names plastered on some Website !!!, OUR CHILDREN ARE TREATED LIKE LEAPERS, AND EXILED AT SCHOOL AND THE NEIGHBORHOOD because their parent is on “SOME LIST” aka The “Registery” !!!!, Plus HUNDREDS of other things that I don’t care to think about !! ALL OF THIS, And our Government still says THE REGISTERY is NOT a PUNISHMENT !!!!!. And what makes it much worse is, We’re not even allowed to PROTECT ourselves !!!!. AND since we can’t get jobs(or a Good Job), We can’t afford to hire a Lawyer to FIGHT FOR OUR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, We’re FORCED to pay Taxes, Yet have NO say-so about where our tax money goes !!. I could go on and on about how EVERYTHING ABOUT THE REGISTERY IS PUNISHMENT, But I don’t have the time or the room on here to do it !!. All I can say is, It’s time to seek a BIG change in the way our “Government” is treating HUMAN BEINGS !! Nobody cares until it happens to YOU !!!. Well guess what !!!!!????, EVERY PERSON IN FLORIDA (AND EVERY OTHER STATE) IS A SEX OFFENDER !!!! YOU JUST HAVEN’T BEEN CAUGHT YET !!. NO I’m not saying you have harmed a child or ANYTHING like that, BUT you HAVE broken laws and Committed CRIMES that COULD AND WOULD get you on The Registery !!. It may sound Stupid, But there are Laws in Florida that EVERYONE HAS BROKEN and We Break them DAILY !! That are SEX CRIMES ! Just Saying !!! Like Showering Naked !! It’s ILLEGAL in Florida !! Oral/Anal Sex !! ILLEGAL in Florida !!. And MANY more LAWS, Just do some research !!. And when you’re name is on The Registery, It’s doesn’t matter what law you broke !! EVERYONE GETS TREATED LIKE A CHILD MOLESTER !!!!!. SO, Think about this next time you see someone you know or just met that’s on The Registery !! It could very well be YOU !! And the way Florida is convicting people everyday, You just might end up on The Registery SOONER THAN YOU THINK !!!. Vote to ABOLISH THE REGISTERY before everyone ends up on it, Or Someone you know ends up DEAD !!