Reply To: Part I: Just another day in the life of a registered sex offender


Thank you for writing about this. Just today I was thinking that there seems to be a lot of disheartening reports recently, including AndyO’s email. It feels like there is some sort of cracking down on registrants going on.
But then again I am noticing something positive. Newspapers and news sites suddenly seem to be putting out more articles than usual that are a lot more favorable to registrants than in past years. They are doing a good job at highlighting the absurdity of the registry laws and pointing out that there is no evidence that these laws do a lick of good. I believe that groups like NARSOL have a big part in influencing that mindset of the reporters and will help change the perspective of the public.
Perhaps these negative stories we are seeing recently are pockets of resistance emboldened by registrant friendly articles in recent months.