Reply To: Evil is alive and well in Florida

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I was forced into a 3rd world country with regular power and water outages far away from the country my family has fought to preserve in every war ever fought by America. Now the long arm of evil is forcing me even out of this third world country where I sought refuge and to start a life again? And why does this evil force me thus? Just to send me to Florida to live in the squalor you speak of. If they detest me so much for meeting a minor in a bar when I was 21 (over 20 years ago) why must they stalk and harrass me on the other end of the earth? Over 20 years not so much as a speeding ticket and yet now they want to harass and demean my family and me after we have even went so far as to go almost a planet away from them…What kind of non ending evil has America became. Even my grandfather on his deathbed wept that he had sacrificed so much in the service for a country that had become so much evil..