Reply To: Evil is alive and well in Florida

Phys Ed

where are the courts!!? There are three pillars our democracy rests on: The executive, the Legislative, and the Judiciary. ALL are pledged to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Few would argue that our current legislative environment is non-functional on the national level, and there are many who view the current executive as dysfunctional as well. That leaves only the courts to uphold fundamental constitutional rights. BUT…and it’s a big one, they’re not DOING it!! Instead, they are deferring completely to the corrupt legislatures around the country, legislatures who refuse to educate themselves about the EX-sex offender issues and the junk science, and the de-bunked paradigms that conflict with so many business models that have cropped up by parasitic entrepreneurs who feed off this captive clientele. I’m talking about the “treatment” providers and the parole officers who provide them with “client-patients”. Most of these demand CASH from their clients and share it with parole officers and other corrupt law enforcement personnel. RSOs are daily threatened with re-incarceration if they don’t comply with the “program”, which involves keeping pseudo-psychologists without PHDs and corrupt parole officers supplied with illegal cash. These people run “treatment” groups night and day in ramshackle low-rent neighborhoods with each group of a dozen or more involuntary “patients” paying 30 or more dollars a session (which lasts for an hour and a half at most. That’s almost two thousand dollars a day, all in cash for these entrepreneurs, and more if they run more than five sessions a day. Must we, as Winston Churchill once opined, always have to try every single wrong solution to a problem before putting into practice the RIGHT one?