Reply To: Evil is alive and well in Florida


This is the United States… We The People… Honestly, what are we doing to our very own. We take one class of criminal, and segregate them, classify them, and discriminate them from society. Sounds like the Black and White Thing. You can’t ride this bus, sit on this seat, eat in this restaurant. Or maybe your female, and don’t deserve this pay, job, or credit. You can kill someone, rob someone, beat someone, or drive drunk and you are not considered any less than a normal citizen. Really! That is equal protection of the law? Not! Why do we do stupid stuff like this. Who are we protecting? A citizen is a citizen? Right… There should be a plan of action that allows people to be removed from the registry. By nature, people are generally good. People want to be loved, cared for, and contribute to the society they live in. No one is proud of their mistakes or failures. This is called normal society. Reconciling ex-offenders by giving them the chance to be all they can be is what America is built on. Not a registry that protects no one, or provides any sense of safety for our children and women. What will it take to see past the trees! We all make up the Forest!