Reply To: Evil is alive and well in Florida


This situation in Florida could really be used as evidence AGAINST the “purely civil” nature of the registry! If this does not show a punitive intent and effect, nothing else in the world will. Every offender in this tent colony needs to be deposed now and after the new arrest order goes into effect. There needs to be copious and I do mean COPIOUS video and photographic footage of every last bit of this camp as it exists before it’s all hauled away and sanitized by city officials. This will show the inhumane effects of the registry.

A detailed history of Ron and Lauren Book also needs to be part of the evidence; every bill they’ve sponsored and every push they’ve made to further punish registered citizens. Their inability and unwillingness to be objective should be pointed out. A victim or victim’s family will never be willing to view the issue with any level of fair objectivity. Their crusade to unendingly persecuting registrants in Florida needs to be meticulously chronicled detail for detail and step by step.