Reply To: Evil is alive and well in Florida


You came up against a congregation of hypocrites who falsely call themselves “Christians”. Just because a group of people claim to be a “church” of “God-fearin’, Bible-believin’ Christians” does not make it so.
True Christians would welcome you with open arms, so long as you agreed to a reasonable standard of conduct. That being not having anything to do with the youth ministry or child-oriented activities unless you yourself have a child. You would still not be a chaperone, teacher, etc. even with a child of your own. As long as you stayed away from the kids, you’d be welcomed with open arms. I had one congregation to turn me away and it really hurt, but the congregation of which I’m a member now treats me very well. My offenses have been against 5 to 7 year old boys so I stay clear of the kids and will only speak if in the IMMEDIATE PRESENCE of another adult or the kid’s parents..AND I MEAN STANDING RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT. I avoid every situation that could even remotely look questionable. If I go to the restroom and a boy is in there, I turn right back around without a word and leave expeditiously and wait til he comes out to go do my business.