Reply To: Evil is alive and well in Florida


Thanks so much for the article Sandy!

“Its a train wreck here in Central Florida.” At my last rereg there were so many Homeless Registrants, they simply waived the address questions and gave them a map to point out the area where they slept at night most often. As you know this is contrary to Florida State Law in accordance to RSO compliance. You need a verifiable address which is impossible if you are homeless. Its also impossible for Law Enforcement to survey and watch each individual.

Its getting to the point that all the added City Ordinances and Restrictions of where a RSO can and cannot live is working in the favor of reformation of these insane laws.

The Cops I talk to feel like I do, the laws are totally unfair and restricts the registrant from rehabilitating back into Society in any way, shape or form. Many are thrown out of their residences because of these Ordinances created by Vigilante Justice. If you are Homeless in my county that is one thing, if you are a Homeless Sex Offender then our Homeless Shelters will reject you. And that goes for counciling and help to get back on your feet.

We have daily food giveaways but if you are RSO, you are rejected from any food bank or free food program. For example: The Mayor of Daytona Beach was publicly quoted on the news; “I don’t care where they live as long as its not my city!

What is happening is acute segregation and a nobody wants you in Society attitude. Its to the point Cities will begin to ban RSO’s from their City Limits as proposed in Orange County California. Nobody is caring or looking into each individual’s crime, sentence and or release.. they just want us out and never heard from again. Florida is the leader with the most hardened Sex Offender Laws in the Nation. And the most Sex Offender Registrants as well.. that should tell you right there MEGAN’S Law is a unworkable Law based on unconstitutional madness.