Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Terry Brunson
2014 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Title 42 – JUDICIARY AND JUDICIAL PROCEDURE Chapter 97 – Sentencing Section 9799.4 – Counseling of sexually violent predators (Expired). Universal Citation: 42 PA
2012 Expiration. Section 9799.4 expired December 20, 2012. See Act 111 of 2011
§ 9799.41. Expiration.
The following provisions shall expire December 20, 2012:
Section 9718.3 (relating to sentence for failure to comply with registration of sexual offenders).
Section 9791 (relating to legislative findings and declaration of policy).
Section 9792 (relating to definitions).
Section 9795.1 (relating to registration).
Section 9795.2 (relating to registration procedures and applicability).
Section 9795.3 (relating to sentencing court information).
Section 9795.4 (relating to assessments).
Section 9795.5 (relating to exemption from certain notifications).
Section 9796 (relating to verification of residence).
Section 9797 (relating to victim notification).
Section 9798 (relating to other notification).
Section 9798.1 (relating to information made available on the Internet and electronic notification).
Section 9798.2 (relating to administration).
Section 9798.3 (relating to global positioning system technology).
Section 9799 (relating to immunity for good faith conduct).
Section 9799.1 (relating to duties of Pennsylvania State Police).
Section 9799.2 (relating to duties of Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole).
Section 9799.3 (relating to board).
Section 9799.4 (relating to counseling of sexually violent predators).
Section 9799.7 (relating to exemption from notification for certain licensees and their employees).
Section 9799.8 (relating to annual performance audit).
Section 9799.9 (relating to photographs and fingerprinting).
(Dec. 20, 2011, P.L.446, No.111, eff. imd.; July 5, 2012, P.L.880, No.91, eff. imd.)

Terry it all is expired law, that’s my understanding, some in 12/20/2012 and others in 2014. All svp stuff expired as well.