Reply To: The sex offender registry — it’s not what you think


Well, when you have endless money pouring in to the government, into the whole ‘criminal justice system’ including the Prison Industrial Complex of America, you can see why asinine laws have to be passed at all times to keep the Machine running and gears turning. Where would all of these people work if the rate of criminal convictions actually started to fall!? They would have to go and actually find real jobs that are dictated by the private market. It’s much more comfortable to enjoy these government jobs, with the only stipulation being that new laws must be constantly put out into society. This is what many foreigners ‘get’ when they look at America. It is hard for the people living inside of their comfy US bubble to see this. Being everyone’s ‘Nanny’ and telling everyone how many steps they can walk left or right is the US government’s job. Where is this leading to? People will no longer have to think for themselves, or ever understand what ‘morals’ are, or ‘common good’. Their God is the US government. When people keep electing the only 2 sides of the same coin (republicans or democrats), the over-bloated government will continue to suck-in money from taxpayers and create more laws in the name of ‘public safety’ (while not actually tackling the major issues that actually affect the majority of citizens). You have to take a step back and look at the big picture friends!