Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

It will take the PASC to fix the ACT 10 situation. I don’t think lower court judges are brave enough to give a petitioner an ACT 10 win. If they do the PSP will appeal Either way this issue is going to the PASC under Statutory Expiration of former law – and miss application of new law without authority for the PA Assembly to just make a new law just to cover a Legislative mistake of expiring the former Magan’s Laws

They did that to get the AWA money – the Feds told the state to expire the old Megan’s Laws to comply with AWA.

This ACT 10 is a new creature of a master mind that has no understanding on how the legislature process works.
It is not possible to make a law to extend back to 04-19-96 up until 12-20-12 and say you have to do what we say do. Who can get away with that? Reminds me of the California Japaneses laws during WW2 days.

This ACT 10 is a friendly law but it is a bad law.

No matter what they do – when you expired Megan’s Law 3 which I was under – I was done my time on the former law to go to the new SORNA law which became bad law to people with offenses before 12-20-12 the expiration of all the former Megan’s Laws. This is some deep understanding of Pa law.