Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I re-Read my original Mandamus and I kept seeing the word EXPIRED and shall expire and the God of all the legal wisdom told me to read Commonwealth v Pennybaker and I saw how a law is constructed. I watch the SORNA-2 ACT 10 come to life.

I re-read 42 Pa. C.S. 9799.14 Expiration
I saw under that all the old Megan’s Laws.

Then I re read SORNA- 2 ACT 10 word for word and I kept seeing any former Megan’s Law form April 1996 before 12 December 2012 and I linked them together.

In order to be under the Ne SORNA-2 ACT10 a former Megan’s Law is needed.

All them Laws were former Megan’s Laws were expired. So if there is not a former Megan’s law to attach to 42 Pa. Chapter 97 subchapter “I” SORNA -2 How can it be supported as a new law to be under when it needs attached a former Megan’s law of old. From April 1996 -December 2012 .

Them I got a phone call from Keith and he said he been following my case and He added light on 1 Pa. C.S.A. 1971(a) statutory construction and the vision came that in My Mandamus I did say all old former Megan’s laws expired, but I was not taking my time to explain what I mean, for I myself being a cracker jack Lawyer did not under stand it. Then I said I will file a motion of clarification on what is the court understanding what I filed.

I am challenging that all former Megan’s Law’s are expired – and – in order to be under the new ACT 10 97 subchapter “I” it has to attach to a former Megan’s Law of the pass. ML 1 or ML 2 or ML 3 from April 1996 up to 12 December 2012.
All them are dead laws. SORNA-1 42 Pa. C.S. chapter 97 subchapter “H” says it clear at 42 Pa. C.S. 9799.14 Former megan’s Laws “shall expire” Then Read 1 Pa. C.S.A. 1971(a) and put them together and you will come up with

In order to be under 42 Pa. C.S. chapter 97 subchapter “I” A.K.A. ACT 10 a former Megan’s law is needed to be attached to it.

If I did a offense in 1998 of a former Megan’s Law – The former Megans Law I did is needed by the PSP to say to me in 1998 you did to a Megan’s Law Office. Then ACT10 would come it to attach to it as a former Megan’s Law violation – – – – – – But read 1 Pa C.A.C. 1971(a) and 42 Pa. C.S. 9799.14 and you will see that all former Megan’s Law are expired. . . . . . So ACT 10 would have to stand alone without the former Megan’s Law. You just cannot make up a new Law and said you broke that new Law in 1998 and we are going to punish you in 2018 That is What ACT 10 is Doing. If any body under stand me shout amen.

I filed this in the court today and I will see what they say. My fingers are crossed and toes to for luck. I lover all you guys – – – – We will win in the end.