Reply To: The sex offender registry — it’s not what you think


While Sandy has given a lot of scenerio’s in this grooming situation even the one about the boys sleep over situation and those who repeat these situations who is grooming who? That should be the question? While these so called police are grooming with this playing the harlot situation who is grooming with the opportunity that is internet based in a lot of respects. Who is baiting or enticing with the opportunity? The kids situation is a mother getting frantic about kid’s sexually poking one and feels that calling the police is the method of solving things insead of taking resoning actions in this issue and putting a stop to this. Are we all not responsible for others. Or are we a don’t care about other society when sexual issues come up. At least NARSOL and other groups are striving to bring all this to light.

Now in these sex ordeals one has to say who is tempting who? or who is manurvering who to overcome them. Who is lying to who? And the answer is, I leave that up to you to decide. I wonder who is playing the devil in disguise, that girl in the bikini or that policeman on the other end of the computer. One can either come down from their ivory tower or just let civil law take control of others in this as it has already done and will keep on doing till we all stand up.

I wonder in this day and age who is sexually immoral or if anyone of us have immoral thoughts. Maybe none of us is human. I wonder if we all still have thoughts about standing up and yes we can either investigate or procrastinate