Reply To: Lawsuit moves forward in twice-delayed hearing on Motion to Dismiss


Thank you for all the hard work you all do , maybe one day our son can finally get to be able to do same thing as anyone else can , my hub had a past yes been on pro 9 years now , and since my hub on registry our son is affected in it , isolation , no family gatherings , no vacations , not one amusement park or park with his daddy ever to be present , oh and think of a lil boy wwho likes sports and wants to get into sports games , and gets to have his family watch him together as mom and dad watching their son at a game horaying him on , that’s my boy !!but instead Never once you can look over to see your dad do it ! ?
Why cause your dad is on registry and he’s restricted from doing anything normal , going anywhere ? even with your child who is Not a victim but the Registry in Tn has made him a victim as in he don’t get to have that bond as a son and dad need , oh yah he can have his mom anywhere and all but what about his dad ? So yes this is Unconstituitional , ! To our families not just the registrant , we all live with the isolation outcast harassment be Littled , govt watch , rest our lives , no fun no family time all together ;( think of all the kids in this world not just those who don’t have someone on registry , freedom for all liberty for all and these restrictions are punitive , it takes a father away of his child who needs his presence at school at games enjoying family time , being online no friends no family completeness mom dad and child living normal , isolated restricted from doing as anyone else , no fun , think how the children feel think for one min how you’d feel as a child , and this is rest life !! Even 25 years after pro is over is considered life , my son will be 18 before we know it , will be graduating high school before we know it will get married etc before we know t and my hub can’t participate in none of that ! That’s Punishment for nothing he did , but Registry restrictions did to us all ! Yes this stuff affects not only the resgistrant , We go thru the pain hurt depression and isolation from world too , I’m praying the list won’t exist one day and restrictions won’t be so harsh on the families and we can do just like any family does out there and maybe one day my son can have his dad get to see him play sports or anything , see him graduate etc enjoy some life ,
My prayer is this , my hub has cong heart failure and I pray one day before his time is up he can experience one day of freedom on earth before he’s called home to heaven and my son will get to have a great memory of getting to do stuff as family enjoying life together , even go to a park just to play basketball ! Please cont in the fight not just for the registrants but All Our Families ! In Jesus name I’m praying God will move this mountain of restrictions and they will find this unjust and unconstitutional laws and then we can be families again is my prayers before my hubby passes away of his heart condition , we are a family not just me and son but me Hub and son together as one !