Reply To: The sex offender registry — it’s not what you think


“A 10-year-old male (yes, I said 10) was at a sleepover at a 9-year-old male friend’s house. The mother of the younger boy walked into the bathroom, and both boys were naked, laughing, and poking at each other’s privates. Instead of being a parent and telling them to knock it off, she called the police. The older child was charged and forced to register on the sex offender registry.

The hypocrisy of the system is staggering in cases like this. Here is the hypocrisy:

Some children 9 and 10 years old MIGHT know the mechanics of sex and some clearly don’t. Either way, children that young have no construct for understanding sexuality. The harshest penalties are rightfully levied against adults who molest children that young. The reason is they are powerless and do not have the life experience or mental maturity to give informed consent to sexual activity.

Let’s say I had molested that very 10-year-old boy and I went to court and proffered the following as my defense: “I told him how good it would feel to be touched sexually and he was curious. He let me try it and he liked it and wanted to do it again and again. I never forced or threatened him. I just appealed to his natural curiosity.” Rightfully the court would reply, “What kind of sick reasoning is that? This is a 10-year-old boy. He’s innocent of things sexual. He cannot under the law give informed consent. He doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions!! He doesn’t even have the cognitive constructs to put sexual activity in its proper context.”

To reiterate, the court would be 100% right in rejecting my “defense”. So, with that rationale from the law in mind, how can a 10-year-old then be charged with a sex crime that requires registration as a sexual offender? On the one hand he doesn’t know what he’s doing and on the other he knows exactly what he’s doing to the point he can be punished criminally as a 10-year-old for “sexual” behavior????

How can anyone sanely punish innocent exploration,WHICH IS 100% NORMAL as a sexual offense? Besides that, doesn’t one party have to be so many years older than the other for any sort of sexual crime to be charged?

The parent who called the police should be tarred, feathered, and ran out of town on a rail. She’s a selfish idiot who ruined an innocent child’s life for no reason!! What did she do with her own child? What a cruel double standard!! The boys were only a year apart in age and were obviously friends. How could that younger boy’s mom turn on her son’s friend so viciously??