Reply To: International Travel

Heidi Eastman

April 22, 2018 – sent home from Mexico had trip planned thought I did my homework. I am RSO. a misdemeanor. Not on probation, or parol. My contact with State Police did not advise me just said enjoy your vacation. When applied for my passport nothing was said. As we came off the escalator in Mexico I was approached by a lady who said she wanted me to follow her to the back room I looked at my boyfriend he was taken by another guy and so I followed her, having never been out of the country I thought maybe this was just a random search. I can honestly say I had no idea this was going to happen! The lady started asking me random questions where I was staying how long I was going to be there she had me write down my name my phone number my email my boyfriend’s name I address and then she told me tell me about your background. Immediately my heart rate went up I explained to her that I have a misdemeanor I am registered I am compliant, then she said that I wasn’t able to stay in the country that they were sending me home. I explained to her that I fought this conviction for 4 years and I couldn’t fight it anymore. She told me that I could talk to the Embassy but the outcome would be the same I would be sent back to the States. I felt desperate I was crying I told her that there were two mistrials in my case was finally dismissed then a year later they brought the charges back. I couldn’t do it anymore all charges were down to a misdemeanor I had to register I didn’t have to be on probation and I never had to do jail time. I wanted to see my boyfriend they refused to let me leave the room he stood in front of the door the lady typed something up two pages long on her computer and then came around to my side and read it to me everything was in Spanish except for my full name. She told me I had to sign it and I told her I’m not signing anything I can’t read Spanish. At this point I had been in there I think about an hour , and she said okay we’re done and told me to get up and then open the door and that’s where my boyfriend was they escorting us out to the platform to get onto the plane. I have never been so poorly treated in my entire life! My boyfriend made a point of telling them he will never step foot in this country again!