Reply To: Passport revoked


“ No two people’s reaction to the same situation will be the same…”

Sandy, you hit the nail on its head. We are quite an entertaining society (if we had a studio audience set up to watch our every move and every word) because we say one thing and do another. Then we do one thing and say another.
We will say that no two people’s response to a similar issue will be the same. Then, for CERTAIN issues we say EVERYONE’s response to it will be the same. We contradict ourselves every minute, just in THIS country.

I was nearly raped by an older man who was attempting to get me drunk at his apartment when I was 12/13-ish. A friend who had a feeling he knew where I was at such a late hour when my mother was looking for me basically came to my rescue.
I never told anyone but my friend about the incident and he confirmed that the guy tried the same thing with him a few days earlier.
I put it out of my mind and didn’t linger on it AT ALL.
And this incident had nothing to do with MY offense many many years later which was 100% consensual but illegal. My offense came from my own stupidity in feeling sorry for myself being a recent divorcée and being attracted to a young female for her very mature appearance.
But…. I’m sure if any S.O. treatment group or therapist ever knew about the incident that ALMOST happened to me when I was younger, they’d surely use it to say that THAT caused me to sexually offend. Ummm…no it didn’t.

We are literally programmed to believe that everyone handles bad situations in the worst ways and they need therapy/counseling etc.
I’m gonna go on a limb here and say that the girl in my offense case was probably more traumatized by the police investigators and her own parents than by the act of something natural to humans in their post pubescent life.