Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


By customer, I meant the people who seek out this blog to read it. Perhaps consumer is a better term?
I can understand why on a micro level (individual level) you do not care what people think. I agree. However, I think we can agree, my brother, the mission of Narsol is to change the way sex offenders are being punished. In order to do that, on a macro level ( from the perspective of society as a whole) we have to care about what our fellow man thinks. The reason that we have the laws we have is because it was fashionable to create them. We need the minds of our fellow man in order to change/ end punishment practices.
I agree the way our justice system is spookier is uneven. That is becuase human beings are involved. Robots don’t have compassion so we do need humans in the justice system.

I am not saying “do not post”, I just feel to put our best foot forward, we should take a breath and think about the blog as a whole (macro view) as opposed to our post (micro view) only .
Thank you Brian for sharing your opinions. That is exactly what we need. I hope you get the answer you need from your attorney. It is frustrating, time consuming and costly to deal with the justice system. There is a reason for that. A lot is at stake when someone is dealing with the justice system.