Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


To All,
I am sure the Senior Mods with correct me if I am wrong.but it seems to be the quality of links offered have gone down a bit.

I believe NARSOL has two core customers that use this blog. The first one is someone who does not understand how anyone could support Lessing punishment for “sex offenders.” This blog is here to educate them on the facts concerning prosecution of sex crimes in the United States. Also, Narsol is here to educate this customer on how more humane treatment of sex offenders helps them and society as a whole as opposed to the “kill them or lock them up up for life” approach.
The 2nd core customer is someone who comes here to ind out the latest news on currents court cases challenging specific sex offender laws.
Any Message needs to be cultivated for consistency in order to be coherent and have the ability to gain followers. After all that is what NARSOL is trying to do: change minds on how to punish sex crimes. This is why I believe it is important that if we have a news story we would like featured on this Blog, we should contact one of the Senior Mods. A Mod can ensure that the jist of a story serves one of the 2 core customers.
We run the risk of confusing or even the chance of not convincing the very people we are trying to convince if we just post random stories.
With this in mind, we should try to post links to cases on a legal dockett or back up a statement we asserted in our post. News stories we feel might help NARSOL with the 1st core customer should be submitted to one of the Senior Mods. Besides being in designated area will help keep the customer from getting confused.
As always, if any one has any concerns over what I just said, feel free to contact a Senior Mod. I believe we will need up with s better product to promote the cause if we keep these thoughts in mind.
Thank you all for caring.