Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


terry brunson

Get ready for the show down in 90 days.

There is a case ready to go before the PASC to act ACT 10.

Commonwealth v. Polzer will be the next Muniz under ACT 10 He fought Pro se all the way to The PASC . There is a PASC in court rule that don’t let Pro Se People to talk before the High court in the Commonwealth. The Supreme Court has appointed a lawyer to him and the PASC has give his lawyer 60 days to file brief, and PSP 30 days after that to file their brief.

His Lawy will withdraw all the pro Se motions that Polzer filed, so the lawyer can argue in his own armor. Good job. We have a Muniz battle that is starting all over again like the Freed case.

The Mistake the Polzer made is that he put the US. Constitution in all his pleadings. The Pa Constitution is all that we need. To add the U.S. Constitution open federal questions that can add time to go to the SCOTUS on Cert. again. Good luck for us all mr. Polzer God speed.