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Thanks for that info.
Regarding this “Angel Watch” ridiculousness, I have another inquiry…. if a country’s law is that the legal age of sexual consent is (for an example only) 14 (post pubescent), how does Angel Watch have any jurisdiction to say a person cannot or should not be able to travel to such country?

Wouldn’t that be the same as saying none of us can travel to Nevada to go to the Bunny Ranch where prostitution is legal? Because prostitution is obviously ILLEGAL throughout the rest of the USA. So it’s like saying “If you already live in Nevada, you’re golden to go have sex with the ladies at the Bunny Ranch. But, if you’re traveling from another state to come to the Bunny Ranch, we’re gonna do all we can to stop you.”

Isn’t it basically the same thing with someone traveling who has a sexual offense?
Enlighten me, please.